Jun 9, 2019

How to delete YouTube channel permanently | youtube channel ko delete kaise kare

How to delete YouTube channel permanently hindi
 Ap ager apne YouTube channel ko delete karna chahte ho to aj ki es post me apko jaanne ko milega how to delete YouTube channel permanently? Bahoot se log starting me bahot saare channel create kar lete hai or baad me unko delete karne ki jarurt pad jaati hai to ap sefly apne kisi bhi YouTube channel ko delete kaise kare.

How to delete YouTube channel permanently?

       Dosto kisi bhi YouTube channel ko delete karte time ap youtube channel ko permanently delete kar sakte hai yah fir ap temporary delete kar sakte hai. To yaaha me apko btane wala hun YouTube channel ko permanently delete kaise kare.

1. Log in on YouTube with your google account.

2. Click on right side channel profile picture.

3. Click on setting option.

4. Click on advance setting on left side.

5. Click on delete channel.

6. Enter your password.

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7. Click on ' I want to permanently delete my content' .

8. Tik on following option and click on delete my content.

9. Add your channel name and click on delete my content.

10. Your channel will be deleted.

En steps ko follow karne ke baad ap apne youtube channel  ko delete kar sakte hai. Ager ap temporary delete karna chahte hai to wo wali b option apko mil jayegi usko ap age follow kar sakte hai yaah fir ap eske upper b ager article dekhna chahte hai to comment me jarur btaye. Umeed hai apko achhe se samjh aa gya hoga youtube channel ko delete kaise kare.


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